Семейный очаг

In production

15.01.2018 CONTACT

The production of new mystical detective "Contact" by the script of Igor Ageev was completed on 10 December. ICI company is proceeding with the post-production work on the series.





TV series: 

12 episodes х 1TV h



Igor Ageev


Directing by Mikhail Barkan

Director of Cinematography:

Alexey Lamah



Matvey Zubalevich,
Pavel Barshak,
Alexander Semchev,
Ekaterina Malikova,
Sergey Kolos,
Anna Sagaydachnaya,
Vladimir Gladky



Sergey Karataev,
Victor Mirsky,
Maria Alekseeva,
Victor Umnov,
Leonard Janowski,
Vladimir Issat


Production: Intra Communications, Inc ®,


Special services are conducting blasting operations in the quarry where magnetic anomalies have been documented. By pure accident, three people find themselves in the explosion zone: Golenko the criminal, Malinin the photographer, and Tartakovsky the unsuccessful writer. As a result of explosion, a strange contact emerges among these people: Malinin starts seeing the world through Golenko's eves and reading his thoughts, and Tartakovsky can fully control Golenko's actions and also communicate with Malinin at distance. Having Golenko the criminal at his full disposal, Tartakovsky decides to use him as a weapon of vengeance against all those who have bothered him in life. The city is swamped in a series of bloody crimes. The closer the investigation gets to the murderer, the more sophisticated the crimes planned by Tartakovsky become...