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Tamara Yeroshina has perfectly ordinary dreams: a medical career in the capital and a happy family… One day she meets the city mayor’s son Sergey Luparyov, and they get married. However, her family life turns into a nightmare. Unable to stand the beatings and degrading treatment from her husband, Tamara runs away from home. 


Botsman, Valery Blinov, Maksim Sorokolet, Slava Generalov and Pavel Verba are men in every sense of the word, lively and understanding. Every outlaw will get what he deserves. Where a presumptuous bastard managed to escape punishment by bribing the jury or to dismiss a criminal case with a help of dirty cops, ‘The white arrow’ will always find a way to achieve their goal.



Genre: Crime drama

TV series: 8 episodes х 1TV h

Scriptwriters: Alexei Karanovic, Igor Osipov, Svetoslav Pelishenko

Directing by Andrey Chernykh

Director of Cinematography: Denis Svoyak

Music: Alexsei Karpov

Cast: Ivan Oganesyan, Ekaterina Reshetnikova, Alexander Kuznetsov, Maxim Vazhov Alexander Fisenko

Producers: Mikhail Barkan, Sergey Karataev, Victor Mirsky, Victor Umnov, Leonard Yanovsky

Production: Intra Communications, Inc ®,



A young woman from a remote Old Believer settlement located deep in the Taiga forest goes to visit her relatives together with her young son. On the way, they pass through a town where the son accidentally becomes the sole witness in a murder case. Upon arriving at the scene of the crime, Captain Aleksandr  Leshchyov questions the boy, who unexpectedly identifies a law enforcement officer as one of the killers. Leshchyov’s own superiors turn out to be implicated in this difficult case, which is steeped in corruption and the collusion of the criminal underworld with the law enforcement agencies. In an effort to protect the boy and his mother, Leshchyov enters into a battle with his “colleagues,” and is forced to hide from his pursuers in a village in the Taiga. Both he and his opponents are prepared to fight to the bitter end. In their pursuit of Leshchyov and the young witness, the criminals find themselves in the unfamiliar territory of Old Believer villages nestled in the thick of the Taiga. Thus, two worlds collide in the series: the modern consumerist world with the age-old “patriarchal” one where ancient laws of purity and justice prevail. Who will come out on top in this battle? Even though the answer may seem obvious, the audience will be kept in suspense until the very end...